Tony Russo
The Ohio State University
All American '03 and '04
GWLL Player of the Year '03 and '04
Training Program Staff                                              

Dennis Stewart - Director of Operations
Coach Stewart is widely regarded as one of the premier teachers of the game in the country.
The Ohio State University- Asst Coach '02-'05
Denison University Asst Coach - '94-'01
Is your team ready for the spring season? Let TripleEDGE help your team be the best it can be. We have designed these team training sessions to supplement your regular practice schedule.

Train as a team and prepare for the spring season. Our staff will help coaches, players, and parents prepare together for the upcoming season. Work one or more sessions into your practice schedule. TWO hour sessions are available.

Sessions will be customized for your team based on the skill level and needs of your players. We will cover what YOU want us to.

Where: Sessions will be held at the state of the art South Run Field House, Springfield, VA  (click link for) DIRECTIONS

Sundays in MARCH             Saturdays in March
19th and 26                        18th and 25
1-3PM or 3-5PM                 5-7PM, 7-9PM or 9-11PM

We have designed these training programs to supplement your regular practice schedule

Excellent Staff of experienced coaches: 
Dennis Stewart - Offense, Defense, All Skills, Face-offs
Mike Hammer - Offensive Specialties, Midfield/ Attack
Tony Russo - Goalie
Additional staff includes High School coaches and NCAA players

Coaches: We will help you design effective practice plans and drills that will help your team progress quickly and get ready for the season. Learn to recognize your player's individual strengths and weaknesses. Modify your practices and game plans to help them improve and capitalize on their strengths.

Players: Take your game to the next level.
Attack - A strong focus on offensive tactics. Learn how to get to the goal and score. Learn where, when and how to feed. Three different styles of shooting will be taught in depth. RIDE!

Midfield - Learn to take over the middle of the field. Become a great two way player. Learn how to attack the goal to score. Time will be spent teaching players to defend and dominate.

Defense - Learn the footwork and skills to make your game as strong as it can be.  Improve the play of your game using leverage and positioning. We will teach where, when and how to throw take-away checks. CLEAR!

Goalie - Emphasis on stance, body positioning, and movement. Learn to establish muscle memory in your movement. Make the big saves.

Parents: We will review the rules of the game. Review the different field positions and their roles in the game.  Explain basic and advanced concepts and terminology to help you get a better understanding of the game and enjoy watching your child play and progress.
  TEAM Training 

Mike Hammer  Director, Specialty Programs 
2004 MLL Long Island Lizards
Georgetown University - All-American ’04  
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High School and Youth COACHES
There is NO CHARGE to the teams for the training sessions
First Step: Check the schedule for available dates and times
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Second Step: Email us to reserve Team Training Sessions
**IMPORTANT Include the name of your HS or youth group BOYS or GIRLS. The age group High School (U-15, U-13, U-11 or U-9) and skill level (A, B, or C).
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